In support of the domestic solar panel manufacturing industry, India has imposed a Basic Customs Duty on imported solar modules and cells in the country from 1st April 2022. As reported in various media releases, the plans to levy a basic customs duty of 40% on solar modules and 25% on solar cells is underway as mentioned by power and renewable energy minister Mr. Raj Kumar Singh.

The Backdrop of the Customs Duty
Over 80% of the solar modules used in solar projects in India are imported from foreign countries like China and Malaysia. The imposition is therefore said to be…

Orderly maintenance and service is the key to enable you to enjoy the most out of a solar system. At Greenergee, we offer your business a comprehensive service solution for 25 years so that your business generates maximum potential savings throughout its solar journey.

As a business owner, you would agree that the key aspects of running any successful business are — to boost profitability, save costs, and increase one’s return on investment (ROI). Investing in solar plays a fundamental role in all these factors, as your business can stand to save up to 100% on its monthly electricity expenditure.

“I could not believe that Solar could be so beneficial to my business. The electricity bill savings are just mouthwatering! I just wish that I would have invested in Solar much before after all this is the future! Therefore it’s about time to Go Solar, Go Green!”
- Mr.Chandraprakash
*PS: Actual timeline may vary depending on the system size, site availability, and client / regulatory approvals.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced Gujarat’s new solar power policy on 22/12/2020, Tuesday. The new policy is expected to be valid for the next five years. The policy stands out for the extra freedom it gives to generators, with a focus on both the state and producers benefiting from lower costs.

The big winner should be the industry, with power costs, currently at Rs 8 per unit, targeted to be brought down by 50 percent by using renewable energy.

Among the key points is the move to remove the ceiling on installed capacity. The new policy also allows consumers to…

When we experience natural disasters or pandemics or other significant disruptions to our lives, it’s normal to take a step back and evaluate what’s important. It is also a time when many people are looking for opportunities to become more self-sufficient and to take steps to protect the things that are most important to us. In addition to food, shelter, and protecting the health of our family, another important aspect of our lives that we may have previously taken for granted is the electricity powering our home. …


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